Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Old Tale of Friend Poaching

Women have been "stealing" one another's friends from time immemorial. But a new term known as "friend poaching" describes this modern malady, which seems increasingly prevalent in the present culture of entitlement, which can be summed up in the following statement: "I want what I want and I'll use any means to get it."

This happened repeatedly to my grandmother. One of her gregarious, outgoing relatives would always co-opt her relationships. Only a couple of women in her life remained steadfast, and didn't fall for this ploy. It was a source of constant aggravation to my grandmother, as it happened at least four times.

The details of each "poaching" were similar. The relative would meet the targeted party and then proceed to "take over" the friendship. She made sure to tell my grandmother about all the time she was spending with her former pal.

It really hurt my grandmother when one couple she and my grandfather played cards with were "poached." But it turns out the guilty relative did her a favor. This people were fair-weather friends. When the relative in question was suddenly widowed, they did a disappearing act.

True friends can never be "poached."

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