Monday, October 21, 2013

Meanness in Female-Dominated Professions

Social scientists who study workplace bullying are well aware that it's a huge problem in female-dominated professions, such as nursing and teaching.

It's become such an issue that a body of scholarly work has been dedicated to the fact that mean nurses exist, and they can undermine patient care.

If you or a loved one was hospitalized, would you want someone with a disordered personality creating an uproar on your ward? I think we'd all agree this could be dangerous.

One study in a major American medical center showed 50 percent of new hires felt they were bullied on their shift. Other findings suggest that 25 percent of RNs believe they must care for patients in a hostile environment.

Teachers don't fare any better. An amazing 80 percent of teachers say they are bullied. Oftentimes, the abusers come from within their own ranks, but parents can inflict some punishment as well.

Flickr photo by Lucid Nightmare

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