Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Different Forms of Relational Aggression

Relational aggression is something that is practiced by both males and females. However, women are the gender that use this form of bullying most often.

Gossip and reputation blackening are one of the main means used to bring someone to their knees, socially. Sometimes the tales have a small grain of truth, which makes them more believable.

Social isolation is another way women may inflict psychological punishment. Picture a group of young mothers meeting at a park. If one of them wishes to shun another, she may later telephone and invite everyone but the targeted individual for a "Mom's Night Out" at a local restaurant. The next time the group is at the park, she'll casually mention the event within earshot of the woman she's trying to exclude.

Although this type of behavior certainly isn't illegal, it isn't very nice, and it has the intention of inflicting pain.

Socially aggressive women may also suddenly "discard" someone by withdrawing their attention and affections.

There is new evidence this type of aggression is a holdover from childhood. Young bullies often grow into older bullies.

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