Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Narcissist Will Never Admit She's Wrong and She Won't Apologize

This blog is intended to shed light why women can be so mean. As a woman, I've had some unpleasant experiences with other women.

Many others have had similar encounters. Workplace bullying has reached epidemic levels, with about one in three employees reporting they've been targets of abuse. Oftentimes, this comes from a female supervisor or colleague.

Narcissism is at the root of much of this. It's not normal for an adult female to to mistreat another woman, either as a coworker or as a friend. Emotionally healthy people don't act this way. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes even the nicest people hurt others. But they recognize their mistakes and they try to make amends. They admit they were wrong and they apologize.

Someone with narcissism, however, believes everybody else is wrong. Because she's never at fault, she sees no need to apologize. If she apologizes, it's often not sincere. She may also try to shift the blame back to you.

I've read online forums where women lament the fact that a friendship suddenly ended, or that a triangle has formed and two of her once close "friends" are now a twosome, and no longer have room for her. Reading through some of these posts, it's clear that personality disorders, such as narcissism, are at the crux of the problem.

Helping others understand what's going on will help them understand why some women can be so mean to each other.

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