Friday, November 8, 2013

Narcissists Can't Keep a Secret

Narcissists have no integrity, so your secrets are never safe with them. However, most people discover this only after the fact. They've already confided in someone who will then use this information against them.

It's easy to spill your guts to a narcissist because, at first, they appear so trustworthy. They also have a knack for drawing out information, as they're not afraid to ask highly personal questions. They'll stare at you expecting an answer, and, in the uncomfortable silence that follows, you'll start talking.

They may also "confide" in you, as a means of creating "intimacy." The idea is to get you to reciprocate with something equally revealing. The only problem, is that they've probably told you something that's either not true, or it has no potential to harm them if you told anyone else.

Many women run into trouble at work because they disclose too much, to the wrong people. The effects of this can be devastating. If someone is trying to muddy your image, it's more believable if include a grain of truth wrapped in their malicious words. They may even disguise their nefarious intent by pretending to show concern for you.

It's always a good idea, especially on the job, to be extremely careful with what you share, especially if you don't know someone well. Narcissists appear friendly, especially as they're sizing you up and probing to find your weak spots.

One thing to watch for is somebody who comes on too strong too soon. This is often a sign of a personality disorder.

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