Friday, November 29, 2013

Inherent Dishonesty and Why You Can Never Trust a Narcissist

Too many of us have been taken in by a narcissist,  only to discover this person isn't who we thought they were. Someone with strong narcissistic tendencies has a low regard for the truth. Of course, there are always exceptions. People are individuals and they can't be packaged in neat little boxes. But, by and large, when dealing with a narcissist, expect lies.

Oftentimes, lies are mixed with small bits of truth. This makes listeners much more likely to swallow the lie. That's why you need to play your cards close to your chest. Never give people information they can later use against you, unless they've earned your trust.

Narcissists believe they pull themselves up by pulling others down. It doesn't work that way, but that's how they think. So they'll seize every opportunity to discredit you. Spreading malicious lies about you, or about someone else, is how they destroy the opposition. Narcissists always need an enemy. So if it's not you today, it could be you tomorrow.

Also, never believe anything a narcissist says. They often construct elaborate disinformation campaigns to throw you off track. If you're dealing with a female narcissist, be extra careful. Character assassination is her chief weapon.

Of course, we shouldn't live in fear of what people think. But narcissists are capable of causing enormous destruction. Narcissistic abuse at work usually means your employment will soon be be coming to an end. Most targets (about 75 percent) must either find a new job or find themselves (involuntarily) standing in the unemployment line, according to data from the Workplace Bullying Institute.

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