Saturday, January 25, 2014

Family Dynamics Might Partially Explain Why We Become Targets

The dynamics in our family of origin might have something to do with why we become targets of malignant narcissists. One therapist I know well explained it like this. If you grow up in a very dysfunctional family, bizarre behavior seems normal. So, when you meet someone who displays these same characteristics, you don't recoil. Instead, you gravitate toward what feels familiar. You don't have the same ability, as does someone raised in a better environment, to label and avoid abusive behavior.

Of course, because people with disordered personalities are usually charismatic, they tend to draw people in. It's also believed that people who are highly empathetic attract sociopaths like magnets. One ploy a disordered individual often uses is to elicit sympathy, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Being a nice person, you like to do all you can to help. However, this quickly becomes a destructive force in your life.

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