Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rest in Peace Kathy Krajco, a Writer Who Exposed the Deviousness of Narcissism

Kathy Krajco was not a mental health professional. She was a tennis pro who experienced narcissistic abuse. Kathy turned this into an opportunity to educate others about this horrible, insidious condition. Her blog Narc-Attack was a masterpiece, because it explained, in layman's terms, how people with malignant narcissism operate.

I stumbled upon it during the worst of my own trials with a covert malignant narcissist who pretended to be my friend, so she had access to my thoughts during that time. Kathy's blog helped me to understand that what was happening in my life was the work of a very devious person. Reading her posts helped to formulate a plan of dealing with this, and, eventually, moving out of the situation. So I owe her a lot of gratitude for compiling her insights into a blog.

Unfortunately, Kathy has passed away. I don't know what she died from, or if it was accidental or sudden. Someone appears to be maintaining her blog, though, because it's still online. The link is right below.

Rest in peace Kathy.

Flickr photo by Galveston Islander

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