Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why a Narcissist Will Try to Ignore You

At times, for no apparent reason, a narcissist will ignore you. This may continue for days, weeks, months or indefinitely. If this is someone you've previously been close to, it may come as a surprise. You may also feel hurt and wonder if it was something you did or said.

It's probably nothing you did, or didn't do, that brought this on. There is no pleasing a narcissist, since they take great offense at real or imagined slights. So you can't win. Even if you do things 100 percent to their liking, eventually they'll find fault with something. This is the nature of this disorder.

When they are unhappy, often over a trivial incident blown way out of proportion, they may decide to "punish" you by withholding their attention. Because they think they are so special, they also believe not allowing you to spend time with them is the ultimate way to inflict pain.

If you recognize narcissism for what it is, you'll realize they're doing you a huge favor. Being in a relationship with one of these dark souls, whether it's a romantic entanglement or a friendship, is always a losing endeavor. Once you see the signs, get out as fast as you can.

The only way to deal with an emotional vampire is to establish the "no contact" rule. Say goodbye, for good.

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