Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After the Narcissist - Being Able to Help Others

In a previous post I discussed the blessings that have come following my friendship with a malignant narcissist. One of these is the insight I've gained into this all-too-common disorder. I'm really happy to help others by writing about this condition, in the hopes that they can find some comfort from my experience.

Having your life gutted by someone who pretends to be your friend is excruciating. In my case, this person managed to infiltrate a number of other relationships. Once she gained a toehold, she took over. I'm fortunate this "friendship" didn't reach the point where it affected my marriage. My children, however, were deeply affected, as she caused so much damage that we had to leave our place of worship, where they had become comfortable. They've also become a bit more cynical about their faith, watching all of this unfold.

I'm hoping some of the cynicism is just because they are teenagers, and this too, shall pass. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I am more than happy to help anyone who's been betrayed by a malignant narcissist. Female narcissists are a special breed. They operate by spreading gossip and starting rumors.

Life does get much better, once you realize what's going on and you then take steps to amputate this toxic person out of your life.

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