Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Astounding Numbers of People Have Suffered from Narcissistic Abuse

When a narcissist selects you as a target, it feels as if you are the only one in the world suffering. However, malignant narcissists are everywhere. An estimated 1 in 25 people now have a serious personality disorder, in which they are filled with so much rage and jealousy that they choose to inflict pain on someone unable to defend themselves. Narcissists also make sure you don't have a support system, because they manage to erode it before they launch their direct attacks. So, by the time you realize that something is wrong, it's, regrettably, too late to do anything to reverse the situation.

Bullies often begin their destructive acts in childhood. Their disordered behavior serves them well, because it gets them what they want. So they often continue their antics well into adulthood. Corporate tyrants (both male and female) are now an occupational hazard. At least one-third of all Americans report being abused at work, at some point in their career, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. This organization is run by Dr. Gary Namie, PhD. and Dr. Ruth Namie, PhD, a husband and wife team who founded it after Dr. Ruth was bullied in a professional setting. It is among the best resources for people who are having trouble doing their job, because someone wants to run them out of their position.

Workplace bullying is extremely damaging, and often results in job loss and stress-related illness.

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