Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Malignant Narcissist Fears Exposure

A malignant narcissist wears a mask. Most people never get to see the pathetic character behind it. But her targets get a front-row view.  Because the narcissist knows you've caught on to her game, she will attempt to neutralize you. Typically, this will be done with gossip, slander and forced isolation. She will attempt to drive you out of whatever organization she and you happen to belong to. This could be an informal group of mothers of young children, it could be ladies' society at church or it could play out in an office. All that matters to the narcissist is that people around her continue to view her as a nice person. She will do whatever it takes to protect her carefully crafted image.

It doesn't matter that you're a more mature person, and that you'd never dream of dragging other people into the drama, created by her. Narcissists are highly suspicious and ever on the lookout for potential stumbling blocks. (They really don't want that mask to slip from their face.) If she were in your position, she'd use every dirty trick in the book to win the battle. She expects you to do the same.

If you happen to spot a malignant narcissist at your place of employment, tread very lightly, to lessen your chances of being chosen as a target. Many character-flawed people are very good at sensing how we view them. The last thing you want is to be perceived as a threat.

That's because, in a workplace, narcissists usually prevail. When someone is targeted, most of the time they are driven from their position.

Even if a narcissist doesn't view a target as someone capable of exposing her, she may still try to disrupt a rival's employment, just because she can.

Malignant narcissists are sneaky and dangerous. But the more we learn about this disorder, especially as it presents itself in females, the better equipped we are to protect ourselves from these dangerous predators.


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  2. Hi Anonymous, I'm so happy to hear this blog is helpful and that my experiences can possibly help someone else. You can definitely get your old spark back with time and a new focus on life. It does take time. The really good news is that after you recover, you are much stronger than before and you tend to attract a healthier set of friends. That is a real blessing.

  3. In my case it's the circle of the blood family I'm being erased from. It seems it's been ongoing for 20+ years, but I've been too busy raising a family to realize the evil done.

    I've only noticed through the years that something was "off", but not really what. I've felt left out, forgotten. Then I almost died three years ago, and spent two weeks in hospital. After that I realized no-one in my family was informed, like I and my husband thought they were.

    I felt like nobody cared when noone called or sent me any greetings. It got worse and finally a year later I found out my aunts had no idea I'd been severely ill for so long, or almost died. They first refused to believe me, and were quite rude to me, telling me anyone can be a little ill like that. As if someone had ridiculled my illness as "puny" behind my back.

    Now this sis has told the aunts she has been diagnosed with cancer, but I just don't believe her, as she lied to others about me, and that I was never ill at all. I wont believe in her cancer until her hair falls off and she looks really sick - THEN I'll believe.

    I lost my long hair and I looked really sick, but still nobody believed I was ill, so that is only fair. If she does have cancer that would be bad karma I guess. She took a name I intended for my first born, to spite me I guess, and that name was before carried by our granny who died all too young from cancer. Up until I survived and got well I thought I was going the same route as this granny, but not anymore. :)

  4. The older I get, I start to think of family in a broader term. In some cases, it's your biological relatives, and in other cases, it's your friends. It's probably better to just expect nothing at all from your relatives. It doesn't sound as if they have the capacity to reach out to you.