Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Narcissist Will Accuse You of Being "Too Sensitive"

Has anyone ever said you are "too sensitive" and "just imagining" things? These are the very words you're likely to hear from a female narcissist, if you ever decide to confront her. Narcissists don't like to be held accountable for their behavior, so they'll wriggle out of any suggestion they did anything wrong.

Malignant narcissists also like to set up scenarios to make you uncomfortable. For instance, they may recruit a third party to dole out some form of punishment or abuse, while they watch you squirm. Then, if you happen to mention it, they'll accuse you of being "too sensitive." This is how their disordered minds operate.

This is also an example of two tools in a narcissist's bag of abuse techniques. The first is invalidation, in which they assault your dignity by trying to convince you that something didn't happen, and that you're the one with the problem. (So it's you that needs to get over it.)

The other tool is called gaslighting, a psychological device that attempts to make you doubt your own perceptions, and, in extreme instances, your very sanity. It's named after a vintage movie called "Gaslighting," in which a deranged husband tries to drive his wife crazy by moving things in their home, and concocting various scenarios that raise questions of her recall of events.


  1. Spot on! This is exaclty like my malignant sis does it. I believe she's the most malign in my family though others seem also very afflicted by this pathogene. I call it a mind virus.

    I used to tell them I should record all our talks as then I could prove the lying. Funny enough I got copies of mails sent to one of my brothers this summer. In those mails there was lies about something that was on a recording I'd made the year before! And guess what - I have the recording still so finally I could prove them liars. Well, I didn't bother sending the proof to those actually lying about me. Though I could show that brother and others that they did lie. They were pretending that they had found proof in my recording, proving me a liar, while they misquoted what I said. And as I had the recording still, I could prove it was them lying, not me. LOL

  2. Yikes, but it doesn't sound as if fighting them and trying to convince them of what they don't want to believe is even worth it.

    1. Indeed - it's totally useless. That is the frustrating part - as they'll make OTHERS not look at the evidence either. So they will always win, if you play by their rules. Better leave them playing with themselves. ;)

  3. Yes, it's much better to let them play their own game. Eventually, the lies will catch up with them, but it may take a long time. I've watched one totally ruin herself in one setting, to which she can't return. However, it appears as if she is still up to her old tricks in another setting.