Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Narcissist Wants to Humiliate You

Malignant narcissists derive pleasure from hurting others. As they work to neutralize a target, they do so in such a way that causes maximum humiliation. A person with a moral disorder of this magnitude has lost, or has never had, all sense of reason, compassion, perspective and empathy. Life is a game to be played, and winning is paramount. Toying with another, and inflicting pain in the process, appears to be part of their strategy. Even if this isn't their intent, their behavior is very destructive and they don't seem to get it that their actions are reprehensible and outside the bounds of what society considers appropriate.

Anyone who's been entangled with a malignant narcissist can testify that their actions go above and beyond what's "needed" to take down a rival. For instance, if a disordered personality wants to push someone out of a job, they they'll make sure to do it in the most uncomfortable and unpleasant manner imaginable.

Because narcissists are typically "gifted" with superior intelligence, which they misuse, they'll set up psychological "trip wires" that cause a target to stumble. These are elaborate scenarios that they concoct, with the help of a fleet of enablers or flying monkeys. All are designed to make a public show of their victim.

For instance, a narcissistic predator may concoct a scenario where you blow it during a corporate presentation, in front of your higher ups and colleagues. This is because she (this is a blog about female bullies) carefully fed you the wrong information. Meanwhile, she put a bug in your supervisor's ear that you wouldn't take any of her suggestions to properly prepare for the presentation. She spreads the same information to the rest of your coworkers.

This action follows the narcissist's aggressive year-long campaign to get you fired. Although such public humiliation wasn't necessary to her game plan, as your employment was on such shaky ground to begin with, she made sure you went out with a bang, with an unforgettable display of your "incompetence."

This is how narcissists operate, with intrigue, subterfuge and relational aggression.

However, ultimately, the last laugh will be on her. Eventually everyone will catch on to her mal-adaptive behavior and she'll end up lonely and miserable.


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  2. Yes, please do share. Telling other people about your stories will add a lot to this blog, and undoubtedly help those who read them. Feel free to comment anytime.

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  4. That sounds like typical narcissistic behavior of trying to exclude you, but letting you know with the picture that others were included and having fun, which you "missed out" on. As clever as these narcs are, they are also predictable and their behavior seems to follow a pattern. Good thing you knew enough not to share too much. It must have frustrated the heck out of her because this is how they size you up and figure out where and how to attack. Sorry you have to work in such an environment. Thanks for reading.

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  6. Hi Anonymous, I am so sorry to hear that and I hope you are able to find another job in a better atmosphere very soon. Unfortunately, the game plan of the disordered person is to drive the target out of the environment. They usually accomplish what they set out to do. I really wish more people would wake up and recognize what's going on with this deviant, aberrant behavior.