Saturday, May 31, 2014

Malignant Narcissists Create Confusion

If you find yourself in a highly confusing situation, whether it be at work, at church or in a social setting, there's a good chance a malignant narcissist is present. That's because morally disordered people are capable of creating an incredible amount of chaos. Think of them as a one-person tornado, sucking everyone into the swirl, whether they want to be or not. Tensions will rise as the narcissist skillfully sows seeds of doubt and discord. A narcissist will attempt to fill your ears with all sorts of trash about others, and. then, tear you down behind your back as well. The environment turns toxic, as people begin suspecting each other of all kinds of things.

By creating such divisions, a narcissist is able to consolidate her power. People can't think clearly. If they could, they'd realize she is pulling the strings. Then, they could possibly take corrective action. By creating a situation that breeds division, a narcissist effectively neutralizes all potential opposition.

Typically, in such a scenario, there will be one scapegoat, whom the narcissist will banish from the scene. Because there's now so much confusion, no one sees the need to help the target. Once this happens, the disordered person will be hunting for a new target.

The group of weak-willed enablers, whom watched while someone else was mistreated, will soon break down. It will dissolve by infighting. The next target often comes from the narcissist's previous circle of "insiders," whom did nothing to help the last target, lending tacit approval to the narcissistic abuse.


  1. Like a tornado was a good one. I liken my present tormentor - once my beloved little baby sister - to a hurricane as there has only been one major hurricane in this country my whole life and that hurricane bare my sisters very name! How fitting... This hurricane tore down the life work of many good men, just like my sister tore down our family after father died, who was a good hardworking man, caring alot for the forests, which was the target of the hurricane. Most money father earned came from the forrest, so indeed is the likening to this hurricane very fitting.

  2. Yes, they can create so much confusion. Oftentimes, this is one of the best warning signs we have the a malignant personality is in our midst, by the confusion she creates.