Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Malignant Narcissists are Filled with Rage

Despite what may appear to be a sweet exterior, malignant narcissists are filled with rage. All of this bottled-up anger needs to go somewhere. So it's directed at her target. In the beginning of a relationship, she may pretend to be your "friend." She may even like you, as much as her limited emotional capacity allows her to do so. But this idealization stage typically has a short duration.

Before long, someone with such a disordered personality will begin to secretly undermine you. That's because, inside, she's a mix of anger, envy and rage. So she embarks upon on a mission of destruction. One thing she wants to steal from you, more than anything else, is your happiness. Only a very sick, disturbed person wants to make life miserable for someone else. Normal people would recoil at the idea. However, a malignant narcissist, driven by her unruly passions, takes pleasure in hurting others.

I truly believe women today need to protect themselves from these female predators, so we don't allow one into our lives. Our best defense is developing an understanding of this insidious disorder, which seems to be more prevalent now than ever before.

Here are a couple of hints for spotting a morally disordered person.
  • Maligning Others. This is one of the prime things to watch for. However, covert narcissists may have developed the "skill" of subtly destroying people, while disguising the fact this is what they're doing.
  • Poor Anger Management. Early in a relationship with a narcissist, you may notice she has trouble controlling her temper. Even if you see only a quick flash of the rage underneath, be forewarned.
  • Neglecting Her Family. I am wary of women who are emotionally disengaged from their young children, or who are never home to take care of their needs. This speaks volumes about their character.

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