Saturday, August 16, 2014

Can Malignant Narcissists Spot Each Other?

One thing I noticed in my dealings with a malignant narcissist is that morally disordered people have an almost superhuman ability to spot each other. Although I don't understand how this works, it's the only plausible explanation for how quickly and easily these types can hook up, in order to advance an agenda.

All I can figure out is that narcissists have a talent for sizing people up. They also have an uncanny ability to ferret out empaths, typically so they can "befriend" them before they begin to abuse them.

Whenever they want to put an evil plan into action, they always appear to know just who will assist them. Because a disordered personality always needs an enemy, the type of "help" they're typically looking for is assistance in destroying whomever it is they don't like.

If these dynamics play out on the job, it becomes a case of workplace mobbing. This is when a group of people attempt to drive a target from her job. (The majority of workplace targets are women.) Often, there is a lead bully who teams up with one or more others who have strong narcissistic features. Sometimes, though, these "flying monkeys" are just very deluded pawns who think they're doing the right thing, in a strange sort of way. (Narcissists are highly manipulative, and are able to get people to do things they normally wouldn't.)

Even though I was once the target of a mobbing, which happened in church, I still haven't quite figured out the exact dynamics of what took place.

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