Monday, August 18, 2014

Competitive Women Can't be Happy for You

At the heart of malignant narcissism lies intense envy. Part of this disorder involves always having to be "the best." Because narcissistic women are so competitive, anything you have they want, and they'll go out of their way to take it from you. This can include your job, your friends and even very intangible things, such as your good name.

Watch your back if you are singled out for a promotion or for other special recognition, if you are more attractive than most of the other women in your office or if you happen to find the man of your dreams. Because of an unhealthy level of envy, this can be enough to make a very jealous green-eyed monster appear.

A morally disordered person suffering from malignant narcissism can't stand to see someone else succeed. Once you appear on her radar, you become her enemy and she'll do everything it takes to bring you back down to earth. What she wants is for you to land in a thud. By clipping your wings, she expects to be able to soar herself, even though it doesn't work this way.

Malignant narcissists can only think of themselves and what's in it for them. They lack the capacity to be truly happy for another person, and to wish them the very best. Instead, they see someone else's gifts and attributes as threatening. This is why they often choose targets who are attractive and personable. These are the type of people they want to destroy. Because malignant personalities do not play fair, and are prone to spreading malicious rumors, they usually do a great deal of damage to their target.

Narcissists may also choose slightly awkward and vulnerable people as targets, solely because they can. That's because these types lack a strong support system, to step in when a morally disordered person launches an emotional assault.

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