Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Don't Try to Make a Narcissist Feel Sorry for You.

By the time you realize you have a female narcissist in your life, she's probably caused a great deal of upheaval. She's damaged your reputation, your other relationships and possibly your job as well. If you work with such a morally disordered female, and she's turned on you, chances are it has devolved into a mobbing situation. Just about everyone else has aligned with her. Those who'd like to stand by your side slither away, out of fear they'll be next.

Since you're under enormous stress, it might be tempting to approach the narcissist to try and obtain some clemency. However, if the person in question really does suffer from a moral disorder, this won't work. That's because she's lacking the normal human emotions of empathy and remorse. She is unable to see things from your point of view and she has also probably convinced herself that you deserve this type of treatment.

Healthy people feel terrible if they realize they've hurt someone. However, someone with a full-blown case of narcissistic personality disorder is not bothered by the fact she's become a destructive force. Some narcissistic sociopaths even enjoy watching someone else suffer at their hands.

This is why exposing your innermost thoughts to a malignant narcissist is a huge mistake. At the very least, she's not going to care that she's hurting you. Quite possibly, she'll then use this information to better formulate her attack.

It's no use trying to reason with one of these emotional predators, any more than you'd try to reason with a great white shark circling in the water, seeking to devour you.

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