Thursday, August 14, 2014

Female Narcissistic Abuse Involves Betrayal

Narcissistic abuse involves an element of betrayal. When we hear about romantic relationships gone wrong, we realize the guilty party often has strong narcissistic traits. Lying, cheating and even stealing large sums of money are common themes. When this happens, there are many places to find sympathy and support. No one has trouble believing that some men can be total jerks.

However, women who are betrayed by other women have few places to get support. In fact, sometimes, the abuse happens because her "best friend" turns out to be a "frenemy." Once this becomes apparent, the target can no longer run to her best friend for solace, as she normally would, since the wounding arrows came from that direction. To make matters worse, the abuser has had access to the target's secrets, so, to inflict maximum pain, she knows just where to shoot.

In addition, female narcissists usually don't act alone. They usually manage to also turn some "flying monkeys" against the target. This is done through fabrications (false charges) and distortions of real events. Chances are, the target also considered these women to be her "friends" as well.

Think twice about sharing this experience with anyone who's not familiar with the crazy, upside-down world of a malignant narcissist. No one is likely to believe you.

Being betrayed by a friend is a horrible thing to live through, on a number of levels. It is very painful, and when this happens you have a right to be upset. No one should minimize what you're going through.

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  1. Loved this one very much - too many is minimizing your pain when you have been backstabbed by the very people you have stood closest in different parts in your life.

    Those people YOU have always gone out of your way to aid and assist, putting them so often before yourself, to not make them sad or feel bad. When these people turns out to not only be a little odd, but actually have NO empathy or sense of right or wrong, it is a shock.

    Too many times you might have forgiven them different incidents, believing they just didn't understand the pain it caused you. But then, one day you realize they know fully well WHAT hurts you and they find it extremly funny to inflict this pain on you.

    They seem to feel no nostalgia over all the years you've stood by their side, none. It's like they never happened! Actually, they might have re-written everything. Instead of you helping them, taking them to fun places, you are now portraited as a vilan who dragged them to sinful dungeons and lured them into a lifestyle far beyond their age.

    Family parties at a neighbours house are mentioned like teenage drunken parties, to where you have taken your underage sibling! So either your history together never happened, or it is colored in sordid overlay. Either way they have ripped you out off the true essence of your life together.

    And doing that, it is now ok to rip you apart too! With the help of their monkeys of course.

    And then people tell you that you have no right to FEEL this betrayal!!!! Yes, you do. Those saying that either never done anything to anyone else and would not know how it feels to be betrayed therefore, or they just never been betrayed. My guess is that those telling others this are definitly NOT empaths, and some might even be narcissists themselves. :(