Thursday, August 7, 2014

Finding their Flying Monkeys

I recently read something on Pinterest that inspired me to write this post. Narcissistic abuse usually does not happen without a legion of flying monkeys. These are the poor, deluded souls who surround the malignant individual, paying homage to her needs and listening to her tales of woe.

People with personality disorders like to play victim. Ironically, they will accuse their targets of carrying out the same nefarious acts they are doing. A narcissist trying to ruin the reputation of her target will go around telling people the target is spreading nasty rumors about her.

If a narcissist is in management, and is trying to get her target fired, she'll complain to everyone who will listen that the target wants her position. Then, she'll fabricate some vicious lies. She'll claim the target is making it impossible for her to do her job, and that's she's withholding crucial information to prevent her from succeeding. (However, this is exactly what the narcissist is doing to her innocent victim.)

The flying monkeys abandon their ethics when they swallow a narcissist's story. At the very least, these people should ask themselves why the narcissist is digging up all this dirt and spreading it around. The target, on the other hand, is not behaving this way. Never forget, someone who gossips about others also gossips about you behind your back. Is this the type of person with whom you wish to cultivate a relationship? Does your need for acceptance and approval override common decency?

Please don't become a flying monkey, because, by doing so, you're going to help destroy an innocent person. A narcissist recruits her primates based upon a series of carefully constructed lies. Don't fall for them. First of all, it's wrong. Second, getting involved with a malignant personality is always a bad idea. In addition, once a narcissist is done with her current target, she'll need to find a new one. If you're one of her flying monkeys, chances are it could be you.


  1. I've experienced with this; a fellow writer tried to gather her "flying monkeys" to hurt me. It was a bad time.
    Thanks for a very appropriate message.

  2. Hi Mitzi, nothing surprises me anymore. This type of stuff has become an epidemic. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you and I hope you find another much nicer group of friends.

  3. This is the catch 22. As you know the liar is spreading lies about you, your instinct might be to talk to those you care about to tell them what really happened. But by doing that you might confirm the lies that you are spreading lies about the liar (who's proclaimed herself to be a saint!). You are doomed either way you do it!

    That is, if you don't tell your side of the story all the flying monkeys - in one big voice - sceams "what is she hiding, what is she hiding - she wont tell us anything - so she must be hiding something". So keeping your gob shot will make them spread out you are plotting behind everyones back, speaking out you will confirm the pre-set story you are spreading evil tales about their "saint".