Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Malignant Narcissists are Sarcastic

Sometimes it's difficult to discern malignant narcissism in someone you don't know well. This is also be a difficult task even if you've spent a fair amount of time with a person. That's because narcissists are so good at putting on a mask in order to convince the world of their benevolence. There is also a such thing as covert narcissists, which means they are so good at concealing their disorder that they're among the last people you'd ever suspect had such a dark side.

Oftentimes, you don't realize how disturbed they are until you're heavily invested in the relationship. And, once you let a narcissist into your life, chaos follows.

Are there any telltale signs to look for, if you suspect someone is a closet narcissist? Actually, there are a couple. One is an ability to control anger, even if you just see brief glimpses of this. Another is sarcasm, or jokes at someone else's expense. These may be subtle jabs, almost too small to register as being malicious. But the intent is to make another person, who isn't present, look bad. Because narcissists can be so amusing, we tend to overlook this sarcasm, or assume it's not quite so evil as it really is.

Nearly every narcissist I've known uses sarcasm very effectively. Not everyone with narcissistic traits takes it the extra step, going out of their way to hurt people. But if someone is sarcastic and sadistic, this makes them very dangerous.

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