Friday, August 1, 2014

Narcissists Like to Keep Us Off Balance

Malignant narcissists like to mess with our minds. They employ a variety of devices to keep us off balance. Sadly, they seem to derive satisfaction from keeping us confused. Also, if we're dealing with a lot of drama, but aren't really sure where it's coming from, this affords them a front row seat. Not only do they get to watch everything unfold, but they can also sneak behind the curtain to orchestrate this disturbing production.
In addition, keeping us off balance helps them to better control us.

Part of the smoke and mirrors game they play involves arranging various situations that make us uncomfortable. We're not quite sure why we feel this way, but something isn't right. In fact, in a social setting, or at work, having a vague feeling of unease is one of the signs a malignant narcissist is in your midst.

If your experience with a female narcissist is anything like mine, you become unsettled when you're in her company, but you don't know why you feel this way. As she draws other people into her tangled web, in an effort to destroy you, these feelings of unease increase.

When you're walking with a malignant narcissist, life is a continual balancing act. If you've had no prior experience with a malignant person, it's very difficult to comprehend how someone who appears so nice could act so wickedly. But once your eyes are opened, you understand more about this insidious disorder.

Narcissists often employ a sick psychological trick known as "gas lighting," in which they deny something that really happened. They do this to make you question your own perceptions. Morally disordered people also keep us off kilter with "directed conversation." This means they say something, seemingly unintentionally, within earshot. However, it's a very calculated message they're trying to get across.

What's the best way to deal with a malignant narcissist? If they're not related to you, adopt the "no contact" rule. You'll be much better off without this sort of poisonous influence in your life.


  1. Also if the sociopathic liar is a relative there comes a point you need to go no contact when their evil gets too much to bear. That is when you realize they have been smearing you to everyone in your family for a very long time and by that time you need to re-concider if there is ANYONE in your family that believes in YOU, or if all is either neutral bystanders - actually enablers - or active flying monkeys. Such a cruel bunch you should go no contact with! :(