Monday, August 4, 2014

Narcopath - A New Term to Describe Evil Behavior

I recently saw a new term that aptly describes the evil behavior that defines malignant narcissism. The term is "narcopath," a combination of narcissism and sociopath. Only someone devoid of conscience could spend time dreaming up a million different ways to destroy another person. They honestly don't care what happens to their target, as long as they win the game, and topple their opponent. Because they aren't locked up in jail, and they look and act perfectly normal, until we get to know them better, narcopaths are extremely dangerous.

If you've never had close dealings with a narcopath, you won't understand the damage they can do. This disbelief factor is what allows them to get away with so much. By now, most people know that sociopaths exist. However, it's assumed people with this extreme moral disorder, are serving time in jail, or will be, as soon as they're caught. Less plausible is the fact that high functioning sociopaths (narcopaths) are working as doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers. You even find them in ministry. Sometimes, you'll find them praying in the pews.

Narcopaths are our next-door neighbors. Or, the "nice" young mother driving her children around town may have a deeply disturbed and malignant personality.

Once you have a run in with a narcopath which typically results in your life being turned upside down, at least temporarily, you know they exist. What we need is a whole new level of awareness, so these sneaky, character-flawed people don't get away with quite so much.

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  1. Public awareness...much like pedophiles watch list might give them second thoughts when they smear campaign others against you to bow to their nazi freak demands