Friday, August 29, 2014

They Hit Hardest if They Sense Weakness

In my last post, I discussed the futility of trying to make a malignant narcissist feel sorry for you. This will never work, because she doesn't have the normal range of emotions, specifically empathy for another human being. Plus, she has probably plotted long and hard to cause you distress. Listening to how much the event, which she has orchestrated, have hurt you will only serve to embolden her. So, if you tell her how you feel, you can expect even more misery to come your way.

A narcissist will only attack if she senses she can win. Once her prey is weakened, she'll o for the kill. If a malignant narcissist senses she's causing you much anguish, this is her cue to ramp up the fight. You are dealing with a very sick, twisted individual who doesn't process things normally. Unfortunately, for all too many targets, the dynamics of narcissistic abuse play out at work, since this is where adults congregate.

Pixabay image by OpenClips

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