Monday, August 25, 2014

Your High Standards Bother a Malignant Narcissist

Narcissists have very warped thinking and they are insanely envious. These two traits together create some interesting dynamics. If you have something, they automatically want it, even if it's not of value or of no benefit to them. This includes money, material possessions, positions of honor, friendships and even your good name. They even desire very intangible things, such as integrity, virtue and high standards. Knowing they cannot compete with you on this level, since they lack ethics and integrity, they will even try to take these qualities away from you.

So, everyone thinks you're a nice person? This is the first thing a malignant narcissist will try to change. She'll spread rumors and do her utmost to provoke you in public, in hopes you'll react. If she can get you to lash out at her in front of her people, she's just proven her point. See, I told you so?

A morally disordered person will even set up various scenarios to make you look bad. For instance, she may ask you to do something that doesn't appear to be all that ridiculous. She may want you to ask a particular person a question, or, if it's an authority figure, request permission to do something. Meanwhile, behind your back, she will approach this same individual in order to undermine you. She may attribute nefarious motives to your actions, lying through her teeth to make you look bad.

What's driving her to do this? Malignant narcissists are so competitive that anything another person does, which casts them in a favorable light, is an threat to her self esteem. She views this as being one-upped, and she needs to settle the score. In her mind, things will "even out" if she can embarrass, humiliate and discredit you.

So, you have high standards? A narcissist doesn't, so she wants to steal yours. Even though a malignant narcissist isn't trying to kill your body, she's trying to destroy your life. That's why these emotional predators are highly dangerous.

Pixabay image top by Nemo


  1. I think this is exactly their goal - the female bullies I've met. :((

    To rip me out of what is good about me, so they can uplift themselves... To do that LIES are their weapon!

  2. It's helpful to know it's their issue, and not anyone else's.