Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Female Sociopathy Underreported

When we think of a sociopath, most of us associate this term with men who've committed violent crimes. Certainly, most people who do these things could probably be diagnosed with anti-social personalty disorder. But so could a lot of women who harm people in other ways, but just don't get caught, because, technically, they're not breaking any laws.

For every man now doing time for his crimes, there are probably countless women walking free who are just as capable of great evil, except they carry out their wicked deeds under the cover of darkness. However, their behavior is still extremely deviant.

These women are just as ruthless, if not more so, as someone who breaks into someone's house and steals valuable items. When they go on the offensive, they set out to destroy another person, typically another female whom they view as a threat.

Much of what is known about psychopaths comes from research conducted among male inmates. But some experts are beginning to wonder if, perhaps, more attention needs to be paid to the issue of female psychopathy. Those of you reading this blog would probably agree, since most of us have probably been fooled by a saintly appearing woman with a very dark side. She may be someone you work with, or she may have been your former "best friend." She may be your next door neighbor, or the mother of one of your children's friends.

Humans are very social beings, and we like companionship. Getting close to a female predator will always turn ugly. If you happen to work with one of these socialized psychopaths, and she turns on you, your job will likely be on the line. If you encounter one in a social setting, expect to see a lot of infighting. For a female narcissist/sociopath, sowing discord is as essential as breathing.

Learn how to spot the warning signs that someone could be a socialized psychopath. That way, you can walk away, sparing yourself a great deal of angst down the road.

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