Monday, September 8, 2014

Narcissistic Abuse - Moving Away from Anger

If you're reading this blog, it's very likely you've been a target of narcissistic abuse, or you've had a negative encounter with someone with a serious character flaw,such as borderline personality disorder. (Sometimes, it's hard to tell a borderline from a narcissist, since they share so many of the same traits. Malignant narcissists, in general, are capable of causing much more destruction though.)

Perhaps you've been betrayed by a female friend with whom you've shared a lot of secrets. Maybe her personality issues are severe enough to warrant a diagnosis, which can be made only by a professional. However, her moral aptitude leave a lot to be desired.

Being betrayed by a friend is a horrible experience. So is being mobbed at work, a dynamic that's all-too-often started by an adult female bully.

These can be life-changing experiences and the fallout can be incredibly devastating. It can lead to job loss (75 percent of workplace targets are either fired or resign) and it invariably leads to loss of relationships with other significant people. Female bullies attack by social aggression, in which they attempt to isolate you and turn other people against you. They typically succeed, because they fabricate nasty information about you and then they spread it.

It's normal to be angry, but it's not healthy to hold on to the anger. If you do, consider it a victory for the bully. She wants to ruin your life. If you spend the rest of your days bruised, crushed and licking your wounds, she's won the battle.

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