Friday, September 26, 2014

What's a Narcissistic Smear Campaign?

Anyone who's ever been involved with a malignant narcissist has probably experienced a smear campaign. This is when a morally disordered person tries to destroy your reputation. They often succeed, because narcopaths can be very persuasive, even as they're lying through their teeth. People who don't have this character flaw tend to believe whatever they hear, because it seems inconceivable that an adult wouldn't be telling the truth. We all tend to think that other people maintain the same code of ethics that we do. It's very difficult to get your mind around the fact that someone who appears to be such a solid citizen would fabricate things about another person. But this is how malignant narcissists operate.

Female narcissists, in particular, use social aggression to attack an adversary. The turn people against their target in order to isolate her. When they do this in the workplace, it often turns into a mobbing situation, as the target becomes public enemy number one.

Smearing usually kicks into high gear as the narcissist gets ready to discard the victim, if, previously, the target was her "friend." But it's likely she did a lot of groundwork before the target was even aware that the relationship was ending. Just to give you an idea of the depths to which a morally disordered person will sink, what often happens is that the narcopath first turns everyone against the target. Meanwhile, as the drama builds, she pretends to be sympathetic. The confused target may even cry on the predator's shoulder, because she's unaware of who's really causing all the trouble.

Remember, malignant narcissists are ruthless. They do not possess the normal range of human emotions, and they are especially deficient in empathy. Because their actions are so evil, it's very difficult for anyone who hasn't experienced narcissistic abuse to understand what has happened.

However, from personal experience, once you come to terms with what has happened, it's important to forgive this person. That's the only way you can break free of this toxic dynamic and move forward with your life. Forgiveness means the malicious person no longer controls your mind and thoughts.

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