Friday, October 3, 2014

Female Bullying is Often Subtle

One of the most maddening things about being attacked by a female malignant narcissist is the emotional abuse can be very subtle, yet extremely damaging.

Make no mistake. A malignant narcissist wants to destroy your life and everything you hold dear, and she'll put an enormous amount of energy into obtaining her desired results. She's able to operate so well because no one around witnesses her slings and arrows, except for you. With her chameleon-like personality, this sinister sister devises new and ingenious ways to isolate and humiliate you.

Relational aggression, or destroying your social standing, is how she hurts you. This is very similar to how bratty little girls operate when they gang up on people. However, as an adult, a female bully, who was probably a childhood queen bee, has had a long time to perfect her bullying techniques. She learns to bully in a way that bystanders often don't realize what's happening. Even the target herself may question if this is for real, until the hate campaign picks up steam and she no longer has a shred of doubt.

Only someone who has experienced such behavior knows what I'm talking about. That's why, if you seek support, you probably won't find any. If you try to describe what's happening, to anyone who hasn't lived through something similar, you'll probably be considered delusional.

Pixabay photo top by gaborfejes

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