Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Malignant Narcissists and Directed Conversation

Malignant narcissists like to employ a particular tactic that some people refer to as "directed conversation." This typically appears after she has discovered your weaknesses, and she has some insight into things that make you cringe inside. Usually, she's the cause of the source of your pain, and she uses directed conversation to rub salt into your wound, or to keep you off balance.

For instance, she'll say something she knows will bother you, just within earshot. In your mind, there's some question as to if you're really supposed to hear this information. (Trust me, it's being said entirely for your benefit.) For instance, if you are the target, and a female bully is on the attack, she'll make sure you know that you've just been excluded from a meeting, or from a fun after-work get together. She'll be talking about this event to someone else, but she'll be speaking just loud enough for you to hear. Think directed conversation if you are the target of a malignant narcissist, and the discourse you can't help but overhear leaves you with an uncomfortable, unsettled feeling.

Since female bullies work primarily through social aggression, in an attempt to isolate their target, much of the directed snippets that come your way will be related to the fact that you are being excluded. Being marginalized and dismissed is a form of bullying, just as hateful as if someone punched you in the stomach, But, because an adult bully cannot do this, and get away with it, she will instead inflict damage on your social standing.

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