Saturday, October 11, 2014

Malignant Narcissists - They Want to Take Your Place

Ego, ambition and competition characterize much of the interactions we see today. These are the hallmarks of malignant narcissism, which seems to have infected our world.

Our culture and society are so broken that wickedness seems to have gained the upper hand. Yes, there are still a lot of good people in the world, but we appear to be seeing much more evil than before. One symptom of this disorder is the fact that parents used to be able to let young children roam freely. Today, no sane person would send a small child out to play in the morning, and remind them to be home for lunch. Children now need constant supervision.

This downward moral shift that's been happening slowly since the 1960's appears to have gained steam. We are now seeing great disorder everywhere, on a global scale and closer to home, in our personal relationships.

Today, if any one person has any advantage, a malignant narcissist wants to take it away, and she'll do all she can to achieve her goal. It seems as if every workplace or social group has at least one person with a character flaw severe enough that drives her to viciously attack a rival. She does this out of insane envy. This horrifying behavior has even been found in nursing homes. Residents with a place to go for a holiday are sometimes shunned when they return to their facility, by those who spent Thanksgiving or Christmas by themselves.

Much of the time, malignant narcissists attack solely because they want what you have. If it's a position of influence, they want to take your place. If you are well-regarded within a particular social setting, they want to push you aside. If you receive a promotion at work, watch out. The green-eyed monster is out in force.

Pixabay image top by Gellinger

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