Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Malignant Narcissists Use Others for Triangulation

Someone posted something on Pinterest today about malignant narcissists and triangulation. It struck a chord. I thank the person who pinned this particular pin, which explained so well about how these characters operate. Here's an example of typical narcopath behavior.

When a morally disordered female is in the process of discarding someone, which invariably happens, since it's impossible to please a narcissist indefinitely, she'll choose a new "friend." Oftentimes, this new person is a good friend of the woman she's discarding. Then, she'll shun her old friend and lavish her time and attention on the new relationship.

This is classic triangulation, in which a pathological personality tries to sow discord, and works like hell in an effort to get people to turn against her target. So she triangulates here, there and everywhere, always striking wherever she can do the most damage. She especially focuses on your closest friends and associates, in order to best isolate you.

Although it may seem as if she genuinely likes her new circle of "friends," in reality, she's only using them, in order to facilitate her need to triangulate. Practically everything a morally disordered person does is deceitful.

Healthy people build bridges and try to include others. A narcissist does the opposite. She wants to control everything and everyone, This she does by triangulation, which creates drama, dissension and confusion.

Pixabay image top by Nemo

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