Saturday, October 18, 2014

Narcissists Target Loyal People

Because malignant narcissists are so good at discovering our strengths and weaknesses, they can sense when someone will stick with them, through thick and thin. This is why they love to target loyal people, because they know they've found someone who will go out of their way for them. This very useful person (narcs view people as objects) will fit their needs perfectly, until they tire of this person, or find someone else willing to do even more for them.

Then, the first loyal friend will be discarded, often in a very callous manner. It's impossible to please a narcissist for very long. Inevitably, you'll fall short of her impossible standards, and she'll become angry with you. However, you may not realize this right away, because she'll hide it for awhile. Meanwhile, you've fallen out of favor, but you're not aware that things have changed so dramatically. She isn't ready to show her true colors because you still serve a purpose.

However, in her mind, when your shelf life has expired, she's ready to discard you. This is usually done with great fanfare. In the process, she will attempt to ruin your other relationships and try to turn people against you. Unless you have very loyal friends, she usually succeeds. Narcissists are very charming, until you get to know them better, and people like to be in their company.

The best way to protect yourselves against malignant narcissists and other dangerous people is to learn the signs of disordered behavior. There are no guarantees you'll never be taken in again, but at least you can proceed more cautiously if you notice any warning signs.

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