Monday, October 13, 2014

What is Veiled Hostility?

Some people pretend to be your friend, but, deep down inside, they really can't stand you. Chances are, they are very envious of something you have, and they want it for themselves.

A malignant narcissist will assume whatever you have is hers for the taking, and she'll infiltrate your life in an attempt to take this away from you. Those of us who don't have this personality disorder have a difficult time understanding who someone can expend so much energy scheming and manipulating, just to gain some sort of "advantage." It does seem crazy, but morally disordered people, while not clinically insane, are, nonetheless, very disturbed.

Those of us who've been betrayed by a female narcissist posing as a soul mate are shocked when we realize the depths to which someone has sunk, in an effort to destroy our lives. We didn't see it coming. However, looking back on the events, there are a few clues that something was amiss. This is good to file away, because we can use it the future to protect ourselves against another emotional predator.

One thing to watch for is for veiled hostility. When someone doesn't like us, or is holding a grudge against us, this may become evident in slightly cutting remarks, or even overt insults. True friends do not behave this way, because they want to protect your feelings. They don't want to hurt you. It's the fake friends who like to take these potshots.

Also, be on guard if a particular "friend" is not even tempered. True friends are happy to spend time with you. Fake friends consider it a chore.

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  1. Once a coworker liked my light pink hoodie. How do I know? She said in front of our coworkers, "I like that hoodie. I almost took it. That would look good on me." It made me feel as if I wasn't good enough for it, and she often made me feel that way.

  2. If it's not an isolated incident take note and make sure not to share any personal information with her at all.