Monday, October 20, 2014

When a Narcissist is Angry with You

A malignant narcissist may hate you and she may be seething with rage. But, oftentimes, you don't know this until after the fact. That's because people with moral disorders wear masks, and it's not until the mask slips that you discover the hideous reality underneath.

When you first meet a narc, all you see is her smiling face. Even though the relationship seems to go well in the beginning, before long something will happen to set this dangerous predator off. (People with malignant personalities cannot maintain relationships, and will burn through a series of them.) However, you still may not realize you've done anything "wrong," and that this person who pretends to be your friend is upset with you and intensely envious. It's during this phase of the "friendship" that she begins a smear campaign, and the social aggression kicks in.

If you've made the mistake of introducing her to your other friends, she'll try to form a close relationship with your best friend, in order to isolate you. During this time, though, you only have a vague, unsettling feeling that things aren't right. You begin to feel a little uneasy but you don't know why. That's because a malignant narcissist is planning your exit, from a social circle, a church or a workplace. But she won't launch a full-on attack until she's sure the time is right.

When she decides to go full throttle, she has already inflicted a great deal of damage. She's likely told a lot of people a lot of lies, n order to undermine your support base. She'll wait until you've lost support before she strikes. Only then will you see her true colors. This is when she discards you, and she no longer hides her anger and scorn. Of course, no one else will witness her cruelty. Malignant narcissists are extremely concerned with what other people think, so this female terror keeps her mask attached to her face when anyone else is watching.

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