Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Malignant Narcissists Lie About Us

Malignant narcissists are a puzzle because their thought processes are so much different than how the rest of us think. It's very difficult for us to understand just what they're up to. However, at the same time, morally disordered people are quite predictable. One thing we can count on them to do is to lie.

Lying comes easily and naturally to an individual with malignant narcissism. People with this character flaw will lie about their targets, and I believe they do this for two reasons. One is that they are very concerned with what other people think of them. They know they are mistreating their target, and if anyone else caught on to their vicious mind games, they'd think the narc was a horrible person. So they need to cover up their misdeeds. One way of doing this is to convince people that the target did something to deserve this treatment.

A narcissist may even believe this herself, because she has such twisted thinking. Also, she needs to justify her terrible behavior to herself. So she convinces herself that the target is a bad person, who deserves the full force of her wrath.

One curious thing about narcissistic abuse is that the perpetrator will publicly accuse her victim of the very thing she is doing. For instance, if she is lying about her target, she will tell people the target is lying about her, and that she is being persecuted and pursued. Most people will believe this story, because they have no reason to assume that the narcissist isn't telling the truth.

Malignant narcissists are the consummate con men and women. They operate so much like psychopaths that some researchers believe that's what they really are, except they strike in a more "socially acceptable" manner.

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