Thursday, November 20, 2014

Once You've Known One Malignant Narcissist, You've Known Them All

Malignant narcissists are full of surprises, but only for those who've never encountered one of these characters. Those of us who've become entangled with one of these deceivers have come to learn that their deviant behavior is pretty predictable.

For instance, there are common threads that run through just about every encounter with a morally disordered person. Here are a just few examples of how a narcopath operates.

  • Your Relationship Follows a Pattern: In the beginning, a narcopath plays the role of soul mate. Meanwhile, she is taking note of your strengths and weaknesses. The latter she will later use to discredit you. It seems as if you've found the perfect friend. Sooner or later, the "friendship" cools and she's a little less available. This stages precedes the discard phase, when she dumps you after smearing your reputation and doing her best to turn others against you.
  • Idealization: Narcissists typically start out flattering you. So, watch out for anyone who comes on too strong with compliments and praise. You could be dealing with an untrustworthy person.
  • Inappropriate Anger: A malignant narcissist smolders with anger just below her smiling surface. You may catch glimpses of this early on, followed by rage and verbally abusive outbursts later. You'll likely see this side if you challenge her on anything, especially once the relationship has progressed to the "discard phase."
  • Compulsive Lying: I've yet to meet a malignant narcissist who was honest. Sometimes, they will lie just for the heck of it.
  • Charisma: Even nerdy "covert narcissists" have a certain charm that draws others to them. These master manipulators know just which buttons to push.
  • Disregard for their Family: Every female narcissist that I've known, who has children, bows out of their life, either physically or emotionally. Although she might talk a good game, her actions don't match her words.
  • Words and Actions: There is a disconnect between a narcissist's words and her actions. Disregard what she's saying, and take a look at what she's doing.
  • Social Aggression: Every female narcissist I've met is either a Queen Bee or a Queen Bee wannabee. She wants to dominate every social circle she belongs to. In order to do so, she will elbow others out of the way, in a most undignified manner.
  • Bullying Others: Female narcissists bully others by social aggression. This involves trying to ruin a target's other relationships, in order to isolate and punish her.

So, in a sense, if you've met one malignant narcissist, you've met them all. And, once you've identified one of these fakers, here's no use hanging around. Cut her loose and watch the peace and tranquility return to your life.

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