Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Workplace has Become Increasingly Hostile

By all accounts, it seems as if the workplace is becoming meaner. Anecdotal reports indicate this is so, because, if you start talking to people working outside of the house, it's pretty clear that many of them are going into battle every day, as they deal with bully bosses and coworkers. There's also scientific evidence that this is the case. The Workplace Bullying Institute, an organization that advocates for embattled workers, has data that shows that one-third of all Americans have been bullied at some point in their career.

There is voluminous evidence that teachers and school administrators are among the worst offenders. According to the American Psychological Association, four out of five teachers say they've been bullied at school. The perpetrators are coworkers, but sometimes the parents and students are guilty.

It's my own personal belief that this disorder in the workplace is a reflection of great disorder within modern society, which has largely broken down. There has been a distinct moral shift in all areas, and this includes how we treat one another. Lying, deceit, betrayal, gossip and backbiting are now found where ever people congregate, even in church.

But most adults nowadays meet up at work. And this is where narcissistic ego-driven individuals tend to inflict the most damage. Once a hate campaign gathers steam, and you're the target, unfortunately, you have very little recourse. So it's probably in your best interest to start looking for other employment. Bullying at work usually ends badly for target. About 75 percent of the time, it means the end of his or her job.

Anyway, this is a blog about mean women who often suffer from malignant narcissism. At least 40 percent of the time, the bully at work is another female. Usually, she picks on another woman.

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