Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Female Covert Narcissists are the Absolute Worst

As a former target of a female narcissist, I never cease to be amazed at what some women are capable of, when they put their minds to it. This is not a good thing, when the female in question is an emotional predator.

Female narcissists have a distinct "advantage" over their male counterparts. Since they typically adopt a nurturing persona, they're often the last ones we suspect, when it's clear a situation has turned toxic. Since female narcopaths are extremely sneaky, we don't suspect they're the ones causing the disorder.

Creating confusion leaves everyone scratching their heads, and wondering what's going on. Meanwhile, the narcissist is able to move about unencumbered, because everyone is looking in another direction.

However, there's a subset of the female narcissistic population that's particularly dangerous. These are the coverts. A covert female narcissist is the absolute worst, because she hides her character flaws so well. She comes across as kind, generous, meek manners and pious, so she's able to fool everyone else.

You'll find plenty of coverts in what's often referred to as the "helping professions" and also at church. Occupations such as nursing, teaching, social work and marriage and family counseling give them the perfect opportunity to find people to exploit.

I don't even like to think about what happens when a therapist has a malicious personality, especially if she is trying to "help" a client still reeling from the abuse she's received from another psychopathic narcissist.

Nowadays, at church, you can practically bank on a strong-willed woman working the parish, with or without the pastor's consent. These women will destroy anyone (usually another woman), whom they view as a threat.

Covert narcissists are extremely effective at getting people to turn against their targets. They typically accuse the innocent target of "causing trouble." Because these proverbial wolves in sheep's clothing are so trustworthy, most people believe them.

If you've already been victimized once, you know what a female covert narcissist can do.

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