Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Female Treachery is the Worst

I must thank an online buddy for the inspiration for this post. He acquainted me with the proverb, "The corruption of the best is the worst," in regards to how women treat each other. He pointed out that women, at their best, are kind and compassionate, in a way far superior to the male gender. However, when corrupted, they turn into ugly beasts, capable of great treachery.

It is this paradox that can make female friendships fraught with disaster. Women seem to relate to one another with much more emotional complexity than the typical man does with his friends. This is something I noticed when my children were small. If my son had a group of friends over, these boys easily entertained themselves. If they were given a ball, they'd happily play for hours.

However, things were much different for my daughter. She was shy and awkward and had difficulty making friends. Little girls size each other up before they'll interact. This is a practice that starts young. Even three-year-old girls can be very choosy about whom they'll play with.

Most women form strong bonds with their female friends. We treasure these relationships because another woman understands us in a way that even our husbands don't. We share our thoughts, wishes, hopes and desires with other women. Oftentimes, we trust them with our secrets. This can be a mistake, as all too many of us learned in hindsight, after the damage was done. This is why betrayal by a female "friend" can be so devastating.

When a woman is corrupted by envy, anger, revenge, the desire for power or the need to boost her own ego, she becomes toxic to her "friends." She will betray them the most ruthless, heartless fashion.

Also, when a female "friend" turns against you, it's never a clean process. Most female bullying involves relational aggression, which consists of telling outrageous lies and damaging half-truths in an effort to turn other people against you.

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