Friday, December 12, 2014

Malignant Narcissists Want You to Suffer

Never underestimate a malignant narcissist and what she is capable of. Couple this with the fact that she derives pleasure from watching you suffer, and you can begin to understand how dangerous it is to let one of these characters into your life.

It gets worse. Most malignant narcissists have learned how to perfect their cover, so, when you first meet them, there are only a few few telltale signs. They seem just like regular people, except that, early in the relationship, they often come across as more likable. They are fun and engaging.

Because they seek to make a quick connection, they quickly size you up and learn what you are interested in. Then, they pretend they like the very same things that do. This allows them to pose as your soul mate.

Finally, you've found someone who totally understands you. (A little too much, because narcopaths seize upon your weaknesses in order to harm you.) So you confide in this wonderful new "friend."

However, everything bit of information is like a stick of dynamite. When she's accumulated enough of these sticks, she's ready to light a match.

She will construct a series of scenarios designed to humiliate you. Each time you stumble, she'll gleefully point this out to everyone who happens to be watching. These traps will be carefully set up, so that it appears as if you're doing something wrong. Then, using the art of innuendo and exaggeration, she will skillfully turn people against you.

Much of the suffering you endure comes because you realize people you thought you could count on have let you down.

One out of every four people meet the criteria for having an anti-social personality disorder, an umbrella term that includes malignant narcissism, psychopathy and even borderline personality disorder. There are no clear lines separating these different categories.

If you have a "friend" with such a character flaw, it is going to end with a bang.

That's why it's good to learn all you can about malignant narcissists, and how to spot them, in order to protect yourself from their charades.

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