Friday, December 26, 2014

Narcs and Facebook

If a malignant narcissist chooses you as her target, be careful about putting too much on Facebook and other social media sites. It's highly likely she'll be reading your posts, in order to collect as many details about you as possible, in order to discredit you. All information, even the most innocuous, is dangerous in the hands of a malicious person. That's because narcopaths like to use real events and facts, whipped up with outrageous lies, in order to turn people against you. If naive listeners hear part of a story, which they know is true, they assume the rest is as well.

Also, female narcissists like to ruin your other friendships and close relationships. If you are on Facebook, it's very easy for them to "friend" the people you know and love. Once they gain such entrance into your life, they are capable of great destruction. Disordered personalities often engage in what's sometimes referred to as "intimate infiltration." This means they try to connect with the other people in your life, so they can ultimately turn them against you.

Never underestimate the ability of a malignant narcissist to sow discord, and manufacture drama. One very unfortunate side effect of your involvement with a female predator is that she may "poach" some of your other "friends." Although this is a very painful experience, it is a blessing in disguise. These people were not true blue, and the narcissist has exposed their weak character.

Facebook is also a bad idea for another reason. You also don't want a malicious person to know where you're going and what you're doing. You're dealing with a potentially dangerous individual who has no conscience. She doesn't need to know your whereabouts. In this day and age, no one needs to know your plans in advance.

If you are a target of a malignant narcissist, consider deleting your Facebook account. Or, ramp up your privacy settings, and check them periodically, to make sure they don't revert back into a more public profile, as has been known to happen.

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