Saturday, December 27, 2014

When an Envious Person Gains Access to Your Life

Narcissistic abuse is often driven by envy. That's because malicious people have disordered emotions. They are devoid of empathy, but filled with jealousy and rage. Typically, though, these high-functioning sociopaths are able to maintain a facade of goodness, at least around most people. Their targets, however, know differently.

The problem comes when this envious person gains access to your life. I've been burned, in a big way, by being friendly to a seemingly benign, and somewhat nerdy, female narcissist. Because she appeared to crave simplicity, and she seemed to be doing a lot of outward good deeds, I assumed she was a nice person. However, behind this mask was a deceitful, competitive individual, whom I introduced to other people, to the detriment of those relationships.

It appears this narcissistic "friend" was envious of some of my other friendships, and desired them for herself. In the process, she also managed to disrupt our church-going plans, forcing our family to relocate to another religious setting. But that's okay, and, in a way, everything that happened was a blessing. I've since moved on and life is much more peaceful and fulfilling.

But my experience is an example of what can happen when someone is governed by self interest. Because malignant narcissists are so envious, they feel entitled to take whatever it is you have, be it money, your job or your family and friends. 

The best way to avoid these types of complications is to avoid these types of people in the first place. But this is easier said than done. Malignant narcissists are good at covering up their shortcomings, making you think they are one of the most altruistic people you've ever met.

That's why it's important to understand an estimated 1 in 4 seemingly normal people are so-called "everyday narcissists" or "everyday sociopaths." Because they are so clever, they are capable of fooling even trained professionals. 

However, one tip off is the way they make you feel. If you get an uncomfortable feeling around a new acquaintance you don't know why, pay close attention. Normal healthy people, who wish you the best, are usually very pleasant to be with.

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