Friday, December 5, 2014

When a Malignant Narcissist Admits Her Faults

Occasionally, a malignant narcissist will come right out and admit that she has some pretty serious faults. Why she will do this isn't entirely clear, at least to me. But I can think of a few possibilities. Remember, pathologically disordered people always have an angle (or several) and always have a target, someone they're trying to destroy.

It appears as if they engage in this exercise for a number of reasons. Everything a narcissist does serves a specific purpose. If it's early in the relationship, during the grooming phase, when they are probing you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses, they may hope you reciprocate with revealing some hidden faults of your own. Or, they may be trying to earn your trust. "See how honest and transparent I am." Perhaps they could be trying to explain away a certain deficit they know is readily apparent. This allows them to put their own spin on it. Also, by stating something incriminating, in a matter-of-fact manner, they manage to desensitize you to the fact that they're behavior is morally repulsive.

For some strange reason, these sadistic female narcissists sometimes even feed you information, as you're just getting to know them, which lets you know they can't be trusted. Pay attention to these revelations.

Of course, when a narcissist is no longer on her best behavior, and commits some outrageous act, she will also admit her faults in order to get back into your good graces. But this "apology" is only temporary. The fact she's trying to preserve the relationship only means that you still serve a purpose. As soon as you don't, she'll quickly discard you.

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  1. Perhaps it's of the same reason they say that evil occultists always need to releavel their true intent before performing their sick rituals? But they do it in such a conveluted way that just like we do in private, personal relationships, people just don't get it. Think it's a joke, or just ignores it, as it's "odd".

    I think it's very important to pay attention to such things. If it is that way - that those working for the evil side - are obliged to warn their victims somehow. If even ordinary evil people serve that rule, they might just once tell you what you need to know.

    "Listen carefully, I say this only once..." as they said in a very popular comic show from BBC many years ago. :))

    One time, many years ago, my mom told me and my husband that she'd not let as inherent anything. I thought she had a bad mood and my husband thought she was a mean cow, saying that.

    On dads funeral 2 yrs ago she said the exact same thing to the other child she didn't like. I didn't hear her say it, but he told me about it later on.

    That was when it clicked in me. She said it ONLY ONCE to me, and it was the ONLY TIME she'd ever said that to this brother.

    Still she's going on and on about how important it is for her to let "her" children inherent her! Perhaps THAT is the clue - she thinks me and this brother is DADS, not HERS !!!

    I'm pretty sure she'll do her best to avoid us getting anything now. And would it happen I'd be gobsmacked surpriced! :))