Monday, December 1, 2014

When a Narcissist Acts "Humble" or Apologizes

Seemingly humble behavior, coupled with apologies, seems like something a malignant narcissist would have no part of. But there are occasions when such a show of "emotion" suits their purpose. So that's when you'll see the crocodile tears flow.

A narcissist will say she's sorry if backed into a corner. However, this may also happen along with narcissistic rage, which you're likely to witness when a morally disordered person, whom doesn't like to assume responsibility, is backed into a corner. The "apology" may also be delivered along with some fresh accusations directed at you. Narcissists specialize in getting us to apologize to them, in response to their outrageous and inappropriate behavior. So, be aware of this tactic.

Once someone has shown their true colors, you need to watch them closely after the "apology."Oftentimes, this comes right before they launch another series of attacks, even worse than the previous.

Then, there are the covert narcissists. Their whole act is to appear humble and even to make self-deprecating remarks. They may even tell you one of their real faults, or even confess that they have a serious character flaw. (If they admit it, believe them. Strangely enough, they are actually telling you that they can't be trusted.) Because they seem so humble, and unassuming, we tend to think they are nice people who have our best interests at heart.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Deep inside, covert narcissists are filled with envy and rage. They want what you have, and they hate you for having it. These are the most dangerous types of "friends" you can have. The last thing you need is one of these "frenemies" in your life.

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  1. Another great blog. This is so spot on. I think the closest thing I've heard to an apology from certain people have been followed by angry accusations, like me pointing out the error was the fault here, not the error itself. Then the accusations are followed by "poor me, it's so very hard" and then it's me being mean for even speaking out. :))

  2. Yes, people with no empathy or compassion tend to deflect, and fly into a rage, if they are ever held accountable. They will also play the "poor me" card too.