Friday, January 9, 2015

Being "Discarded" by a Malignant Narcissist is a Blessing

Even though you may not realize it at the time, being dumped by a malignant narcissist is a blessing. You may feel hurt and you may miss this duplicitous female "friend." But you certainly don't need her in your life.

Moving forward, you won't miss the drama. Yes, there were good times, such as when the two of you first met, and she showered you with praise, compliments and encouragement. You felt like she was your best friend in the world, who would always be there at your side, through thick and thin. Malignant personalities are typically a lot of fun, until you catch a glimpse of what's behind the mask.

When you were happy, this fake friend genuinely seemed happy for you. However, she really wasn't, because malicious people are only satisfied when they see others struggling. If someone is successful, this elicits strong feelings of envy.

In fact, having something good happen to you is often enough to set a chain of events in motion, in which a narcissist secretly plots your destruction. During this time, she lays a series of humiliating traps. However, she still appears to be your strongest ally, at least to your face.

Behind your back, she's working diligently to erode your network of support. So you may lose other "friends" in the process. (This ugly game typically ends in job loss, for the target, if it plays out at work.)

Chances are, when a female narcissist moves out of your life, you're pretty devastated, both by betrayal of someone you considered to be a friend, and by the disloyal actions of those she's managed to convince that you're responsible for all the trouble.

This is why it's time to rejoice, and not mourn, the death of such a relationship. That's because the entire "friendship was based on lies.

Pixabay photo top by OpenClips

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