Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Malignant Narcissists and Group Think

Narcissistic abuse that takes place in a social setting, or at work, relies on the phenomenon of "group think." This is a widely studied psychological dynamic in which people are willing to ignore their own consciences, and follow the lead of one or more highly charismatic leaders.

Unfortunately, most people are weak. They do not have the integrity to assist someone who is clearly suffering. Or, they successfully convince themselves the target has done something to deserve what's happening, so, therefore, they don't have to do anything about it.

Under the influence of a toxic personality, deviating from a decision, or a consensus, can result in social sanctions, such as banishment from the group. Since the desire for self preservation is so strong, it overrides the desire to do the right thing.

Typically, in a dysfunctional group, the leader, or leaders, choose a common enemy. The purpose of the group then begins to revolve around punishing this perceived foe. The members in good standing are "rewarded" with a feeling of power and cohesiveness. Blinded by the powerful force of group think, they may assist the leader in destroying the target. Their consciences are assuaged by the false belief that they are acting in a just, or righteous, manner.

Group think can occur on a large stage. We see this with wars and with genocide. It can also happen in a smaller arena, such as in a workplace. This explains how one or more people are able to coordinate what then becomes another case of workplace mobbing.

By all accounts, workplace mobbing seems to be on the rise. We are living in very immoral times. People not guided by a well-formed conscience are especially vulnerable to becoming a member of a pack of workplace bullies.

Typically, the mob action starts because one chief bully acts as the instigator. Women are especially vulnerable. At least 40 percent of the time, the perpetrator in a workplace bullying incident is a woman, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Most of the time, she targets another female.

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  1. I have had this happen to me at at all of my last 4 jobs. Don't know why or who it is. Very discouraging & even harder to find new employment. I would love to find a job Because I am one who enjoys working & staying busy. Sadly it seems people rather believe the lies. So sad of all the ugliness in world this day in age. Oh well here's looking forward to the END.

  2. The group think starts with getting people to watch the same TV programmes, like the same music, hold the same political opinions and eat the same thing when out for a meal. The detractors who refuse to comply become the targets and the others have lost all sense of self so are then willing to join in with the bullying and ostracism. When I meet an overt narcissist for the first time I do my best to differentiate myself from her while the others in the group are hanging onto her every word and ordering the same items from the restaurant menu. I will either start a side conversation with somebody who looks equally irritated by the narcissist or has been sidelined by her or if not just switch off and daydream or stare out of the window. I used to do this subconsciously before I had even heard of narcissistic women and thought narcissists and psychopaths were mostly men.

  3. It is clear that a spiritual war is taking place. And the minds and souls of humanity are the prize.